2022 – Winning By Being Performance Driven

Being performance driven means making sure all the format elements are connected, balanced, and focused on the local listeners.  When you do your job, great things can happen in 2022. Adjustments, a change, a fix is all part of any business.

Radio excellence begins with you who are closest to it.  Winning is about you putting forth the best effort each day and creating consistent programming by asking questions, getting feedback and being clear on growing the format and moving down the path toward attaining your Nielsen goal.

Embrace change when you don’t see the result you want. Change your tactics.  Change can elevate the overall station performance.  Change forces you to ask what is the real need of the listeners, regardless of format or demo.

What We Know And Have Learned

There are four types of radio formats to select form: four versions of Hip Hop, four versions of R&B, four versions of Gospel and four Rhythmic versions. Being open and honest and selecting the right format based on competition is how you win and very important.

Coaching on air talent to be relevant and making every talk break count is more important today than ever. It’s true, talent can make or break any format. A strong morning show makes a huge statement and jump starts your winning success.

We’re selective and wouldn’t be a programming partner if we didn’t end on a call to action.  Come join our growing list of Nielsen winners making money.  We’re always looking for incredible stations to partner with.  Reach out if that’s you and let’s work together in 2022. A winning station can change your revenue world in the New Year.  Let’s start a confidential conversation by calling us at: (770) 594.7171 or email us at hlyles@urbanradio.com

Wishing all of us in radio the BEST in 2022!

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