50 Cent takes to Instagram to push for ‘uncanceling’ Mo’Nique 

The rapper-actor-producer posted a fan-made mashup of a scene from “Power” and one from the 2009 film “Precious,” for which Mo’Nique won an Oscar.

Rapper-turned-TV show producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has hinted that he plans to help comedienne Mo’Nique get back on television. He recently made a series of Instagram posts in which he shared his enthusiasm for the Academy Award-winning star after seeing her stand-up set. 

“I Gotta get @therealmoworldwide back in pocket, we only suppose to cancel sh*t that ain’t good for the culture. we need you to WIN again now MONIQUE,” 50 said in a post on Saturday, which featured a fan-made mashup of a scene from Power and one from the 2009 film, Precious, for which Mo’Nique won the Best Supporting Actress Academy Award. 

50 Cent (left) has hinted that he plans to help comedienne Mo’Nique (right) get back on television after seeing her stand-up show. (Photos: Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images and Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

In another post, 50 Cent shared, “I went to see @therealmoworldwide stand up show super bowl weekend. oh sh*t! it was so good, she had my ass in a trance. you gotta go check her out the sh*t was @bransoncognac @lecheminduroi.” His photo was a flattering promotional photo of Mo’Nique. 

In another, 50 wrote, “All in Favor of @therealmoworldwide being back on Top, make it happen 50 ! STOP F****NG AROUND.”

50 Cent is currently the producer of the Power trilogy on Starz as well as the series about the notorious drug crew, BMF

A 2020 article detailed what Mo’Nique claimed has been systematic blackballing and the derailment of her career by Black film producers and directors after, she says, she failed to thank Precious director Lee Daniels and the studio in her acceptance speech. As reported by ABC News, Daniels himself said on CNN Tonight that she proved to be difficult and made unreasonable demands.

“You gotta play ball,” Daniels said on the network. “This is not just show, it’s show business, and you gotta play ball.”

Mo’Nique has said for years that refusing to travel to promote Precious without pay also damaged her career. However, she’s said, “Please, don’t feel bad or sorry for Mo’Nique, because Mo’Nique doesn’t feel bad or sorry for Mo’Nique. You would be wasting your energy.”

Most recently, in an interview last month with Turnt Out with TS Madison, the actress said she had an audio recording capturing director Tyler Perry apologizing for mistreating her during her career. Per Complex, Mo’Nique turned to the camera and said, “Oftentimes when it comes to a Black woman speaking up and speaking out, it goes unheard until she dies. Then once she dies, then we go back and say, ‘Well, she was right,’ and ‘let’s make a movie about it.’” she noted. 

“See, I can give you their names: Eartha Kitt. I can give you their names: Hazel Scott. I can give you their names: Fannie Lou Hamer. I can give you their names: Hattie McDaniel,” she continued. “All of those women took a stand, and all of those women left here heartbroken, unhealthy, looking at a community saying, ‘Y’all know I’m right, but why won’t anybody say anything?’”

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