A Winning Station Can Change Your Revenue World

The Nielsen results are on the way and we wish everyone good luck! Radio performance counts more so today than ever in the competitive game of radio. You can see where you are based on the results, but the question becomes where do you want to be? The cheese (the demos) have moved in many formats. And there is a fix for that. Radio is war and today you need to do more to stand out making every element count.

With any radio format there doesn’t have to be barriers delivering success. A ratings problem is defined as the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. Nielsen problems are opportunities for a new beginning. Often, we do not even hear or see ratings problems until it is too late. Yes, they can be hidden in the work done every day.

Lyles Media, is not your typical programming partner- we’ll have your back and give you the absolute best programming advice. We focus on solving issues that impact your performance. Continuous growth and improvement is a good thing if performance counts. Many time to solve an issue a change is needed, or a fix, and at times it is time to try something totally different. Asking the right questions can generate a new result. Most important when doing a self-station reflection questions, ask what is it that we need to keep.

Radio success is a choice. We wouldn’t be radio partners if we didn’t end with a call to action. We’re always seeking incredible stations to partner with- reach out if that’s you. Let’s start a conversation and work on the next ratings period. For a confidential call reach out and say hello at: 770.594.7171.

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