Are You Ready For Fall Events? Are Consumers Ready?

Insite From Leigh Jacobs, NuVoodoo

NuVoodoo started collecting public concern about the coronavirus pandemic in early March 2020 – and we’re committed to monitoring reactions to issues throughout this wild on-going ride. With vaccinations pacing well in May and June, employers made plans to re-populate offices, families made plans for vacations and gatherings and concert venues, movie theaters and sports arenas announced re-openings. Then came Delta.

Since late July NuVoodoo has been fielding Quick Turn studies to look at concerns brought about by the highly contagious Delta variant. Our latest data comes from August 17-19, a few days before the FDA announced full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine. Our sample includes 742 Adults 18-54 nationwide and shows new hesitancy about indoor events and large gatherings of interest to radio programming and promotions teams.

Large groups are still wary about returning to sporting events, concerts and (to a lesser degree) indoor dining – and Delta has caused as many as 24% to at least consider canceling plans for these types of activities. Mask mandates and requirements for proof of vaccination have made some people unhappy during this time – while reassuring others (and lifting attendance in some cases).

In our sample of Adults 18-54 nationwide from August 17-19, 58% are at least partially vaccinated and another 11% say they plan to get vaccinated. Those remaining split between those who are still undecided about what to do (12%) and those who do not plan to get vaccinated (19%).


The FDA gave its full approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine on August 23, just a few days after the fielding of our latest survey. We’d followed up with the segment of our sample who were either undecided about getting vaccinated or said they do not plan to get vaccinated. We asked if full FDA approval would influence them to get vaccinated.

26% said it would be a major factor in their decision or would have strong influence. Another 27% said full FDA approval might influence them. And nearly half, 47%, said full FDA approval would have no impact at all.

It’s going to be a moment-by-moment fall season for live events. There’s LOTS of energy pent up among people to attend in-person events, to gather with friends and share experiences. Sadly, there are also large concerns about personal safety in light of the Delta variant.

NuVoodoo is committed to gathering actionable intelligence to help make decisions in this moment-by-moment period. And our NuVoodoo digital team is available where an online option can increase attendance – albeit virtually – for live events. That team continues to innovate in the creation and management of online events, both entirely virtual events and the digital presence of hybrid event offerings. Learn more at nuvoodoo.com/digital.

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