BAS Will Begin Buying Airtime in January 2022

Beginning in January 2022, Broadcast Affiliate Sales will be buying airtime for political advertising by state and market size. The buy will be ROS 6:00am to 7:00pm Monday-Saturday. The affidavit will be a simple email stating you have aired the commercials and you will be paid that day electronically. Mike Tyler, Founder of Broadcast Affiliate Sales, has extensive experience in the radio industry. He began his career in the mid-70s at KFWD-FM in Dallas and eventually joined KATT-FM in Oklahoma City. In the early 80s Mike helped his father, John Tyler, build the first satellite delivered radio network, Satellite Music Network. Mike then went on to help take Jones Radio Networks from four affiliates to more than 1,200 affiliates. Mike was also elected as an NAB Board member in Washington DC.

The rates will be offered based on no-rated and rated market stations and will be purchased by state. We will also be buying time from radio shows and syndicators.

If you want your station included in the buys, please email me at dallasmt@aol.com. I will need your Call Letters, City of License, DMA and Format. If you are a radio show or syndicator, let me know if you also want to be included and let me know the number of affiliates by State.

Media Contact:
Mike Tyler
Broadcast Affiliate Sales
Phone: 214-281-8473
Email address: dallasmt@aol.com

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