Cayman Kelly Appears In Promo For New Season Of ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’

Award-winning voiceover artist Cayman Kelly announced he had recently completed voiceover work for a promo introducing the newest season of the popular Nat Geo WILD veterinarian show, “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Appearing in the waiting room with a cast of fun, furry friends who are meeting Dr. Pol for the first time, Kelly gave voice to the young but enthusiastic Jim – a guinea pig with a long mane of hair. A nationally syndicated artist and the first African American to be selected as the voice of NFL Monday Night Football, Cayman Kelly has already secured his reputation as a leading voiceover expert. But recently, Kelly has branched out, adding new work to his portfolio by entering the field of character voiceovers and animation voice acting.

“It’s so much fun voicing characters, and animals in particular,” said Kelly. “But the work is also important to me for other reasons. First, I get to help advance a show doing a lot of good for animals by educating the public on pet-related issues. Especially kids. And the show is also a way for me to expand my art, taking voiceover to an entirely new place for me by trying out a larger range of possibilities. Character interpretation is a much different exercise from voice copy work. Not only are you reading emotively from a script, but you’re also having to envision the character as a complete being – giving them a range of personality traits and believable emotions. I first imagine the character I’m doing – their movements and expressions – before infusing that into the voiceover, sometimes with a bit of adlibbing for fun. These are important skills to me and I’m excited to see where it goes. I’ve even started doing some voiceover work for upcoming animations that I’m looking forward to announcing later.”

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