Celebrate Safely This Fourth of July

Fireworks are as American as baseball, hotdogs, and apple pie. Since the founding of our nation, families have taken to their backyards and neighborhoods to use fireworks in celebration of Independence Day. As the Fourth of July rapidly approaches, Americans are stocking up with consumer fireworks to celebrate their pride and patriotism and independence from the COVID-19 virus.

More families than ever before brought the celebration home to their backyards last year. Early sales indicate that they will do the same this first post-pandemic major holiday. Americans are stocking up with cones, fountains, sparklers, and other types of backyard fireworks. “As families prepare to celebrate their freedom and independence from the virus, safety must be a top priority,” cautioned Julie L. Heckman, Executive Director of the American Pyrotechnics Safety & Education Foundation (APSEF). It is important that families take the time to plan their fireworks celebrations by selecting a safe location that is free of debris and has a flat level surface. Additionally, make certain to read and follow all instructions for use and keep spectators at a safe distance.

“Sparklers are a very popular item for families to use on the Fourth of July.  However, because sparklers burn at a temperature of approximately 1,800°F, care must be taken to use them properly, especially around children,” said Ron J. Zoldan, APSEF President. In a brief animated safety video featuring Professor Sparkz, the APSEF urges parents and children to Celebrate Safely this 4th of July by explaining tips on how to use sparklers properly and safely.  https://youtu.be/NYPAdwITFWU

The APSEF encourages families to observe local laws and be especially mindful of restrictions on fireworks usage in areas affected by dry or drought conditions. Please be considerate of your neighbors as unexpected fireworks use can be traumatic for military veterans, families with young children, and pets.

The public can learn more about how to #CelebrateSafely by downloading these safety tips https://www.celebratesafely.org/assets/FactSheets/apsef-safetyflyer-final-2016.pdf

Remember to #CelebrateSafely this 4th of July!


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