Changing Your Revenue World In 2022

The New Year is coming fast and the questions is do you have a programming plan with intent to win? In 2022 as we did in 2021 we help stations find their position and win in the Nielsen game to change their revenue world. Lyles Media has worked with all size markets. Winning is about your market objective and vision. We listen and make sure it feels right to you when we present the market results. There is no guess work. We admit we’re not your typical radio partner. You are working with an expert seasoned, market tested programmer with a forward thinking approach. In today’s radio game you must create a radio station that sticks in the minds of the locals.

Partnering is about collaboration. With our years of experience we’re lucky to be able to be selective about our clients. If we partner and take on your project, you can trust we believe in its power to work and change your revenue world.

We wouldn’t be a good radio partner if we didn’t end with a call to action. We’re always looking for incredible stations to work  with. – reach out if that’s you. Email Harry Lyles at: hlyles@urbaradio.com or for a confidential call at (770) 594.7171.

BTW, now is the time to jump start the New Year!

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