Changing Your Revenue World In 2022

At Lyles Media we help radio stations, on-air talent and streaming formats find their objective and vision to change their revenue world. We believe in the power of change when your Nielsen numbers are low. Bringing a station to life isn’t hard. We’ve been there and seen a lot. In today’s radio you must do much more to stand out; and every element must count. When all the elements are connected you score in Nielsen.

We’ve helped stations in all size markets. Our job is to partner and help you set your station up for success so it stick in the minds of your locals. That’s how you make the big dollars. Join our growing list of winners.

Here’s our call to action. In 2022 let’s partner and work together if performance matters. It all starts with a conversation and your objective. Confidentially email us at hlyles@urbanradio.com or call us (770) 594.7171.


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