Chubb Rock Launches The Weekend Warriors

Chubb Rock Launches the Weekend Warriors as an Innovative Option for the Classics. The launch of Chubb Rock’s “Weekend Warriors” is a new program offering that gives stations access to 22 hours of throwbacks and classic hip hop mixes weekly. Cumulus Atlanta’s WWWQ-HD3, known as OG 97.9, kicks off the innovative program as the flagship station. Each week, Chubb and his roster of DJs and personalities will curate multiple show segments complete with classic hip hop and dancehall music.

The Atlanta-based rapper, best known for the 1991 classic tune “Treat ‘Em Right,” can be heard from 5 to 7 p.m. Fridays with his “Diggin’ in the Crates show. That particular show has been syndicated for many years on 40 radio stations nationwide.

Chubb Rock commented, “It’s exciting to expand my content offering and partnership with United Stations especially with support from a hometown Atlanta station, OG 97.9. Thanks to the good folks at Cumulus we look forward to stations all over the country recognizing signing on for this hot and convenient turnkey programming.’

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