Coleman Insights Partners With Advantage Music Research

From one angle, this may appear to be an unusual arrangement. Coleman Insights and Advantage Music Research are two separate companies that both serve the radio industry with library music testing. Why form a partnership with a company that offers a similar service?

The answer: while Coleman and Advantage both offer music testing, our services are vastly different. Coleman’s FACT360 Strategic Music TestSM is for clients who require deeper insights and a high level of service. Over the last few years, we’ve run into situations in which competitive conflicts, budgets, or needs don’t allow for a FACT360.

Advantage Music Research’s ScorecardSM music test does not include the strategic Coleman Complete guidance our clients expect (including measures such as Fit and Compatibility, a complete analysis delivered via a presentation, “The Plan, and our assistance sorting the results using our pcFACTSM software.) But through a collaboration with Advantage Music Research President Deena Hollander, we’ve determined her company shares our commitment to rigorous methodology and data quality standards.

Today’s announcement is a formalization of a collaborative arrangement between Coleman Insights and Advantage Music Research. In instances where a FACT360 may not be a suitable or available option, we will refer clients to Advantage. In instances where deeper insights and services are required, Deena will refer clients to Coleman. We will also share best practices with regards to fielding and data collection.

It is also worth noting that Advantage Music Research focuses on library music testing, while Coleman will continue to offer a wide range of radio services in addition to FACT360 Strategic Music Tests. This includes Plan Developer perceptual studies, Campfire Online Discussion Groups, and mediaEKG Deep Dive content testing.

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