Covid Isn’t Over, Talk About It And Update

60% of Florida hospitals are expected to face a staffing shortage in the next week, with coronavirus-related hospitalizations up 13% from the previous high last July – via CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero https://ift.tt/3xiEDO4

Delta and vaccinated parents: What people with kids under 12 need to know – What vaccinated parents need to know about risks their kids face from the delta variant, and what kind of activities pose the greatest risks.via NBC News Top Stories https://ift.tt/3CcH1to

Poll Measures Divide Between Vaccinated, Unvaccinated –There’s reason to think opposition to coronavirus vaccines is starting to weaken. “Daily vaccination rates have more than doubled in eight states” with high numbers of COVID-19 infections, a White House official said Monday. But until now, the incidence of staunch opposition has been a constant. A new Kaiser Family…via Newser https://ift.tt/2WVmY2y

Flu shot linked to less severe COVID-19: Study – People who got a flu shot may be less likely to suffer a severe COVID-19 infection down the road, according to new research.via ABC News: Top Stories https://ift.tt/3lBcXSj

Most Americans would take a pay cut over going back to the office, survey finds – Americans like working from home so much that over half of those who participated in a new nationwide poll said they would be willing to take a pay cut to continue doing so.via New York Post https://ift.tt/3fs2XXG

Your boss is wrong: Why it’s a mistake to return to offices as delta variant surges – The federal government and companies such as Goldman Sachs are putting the health of their employees at serious risk as COVID-19 spikes again.via USATODAY – Opinion https://ift.tt/3jkHiSu

I quit’: Workers change jobs at a record pace amid burnout, new openings with higher pay – Workers are quitting jobs at a historic pace, typically to take higher-paying positions or fulfill passions. via USATODAY – News Top Stories https://ift.tt/3AdPFWz

Nursing home to workers: Get vaccine or lose your job – The nation’s largest nursing home operator told its workers this week they will have to get COVID-19 vaccinations to keep their jobsvia ABC News: Top Stories https://ift.tt/3yplhIh

Money for medals: Olympic glory can also be very lucrative for athletes from these countries – It pays to win medals at the Tokyo Olympics, and especially if you are an athlete from a country such as Chinese Taipei or Singapore.via USATODAY – News Top Stories https://ift.tt/3AauWmF

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