Covid Isn’t Over | Updates To Share With Listeners’

Expected vaccine requirement for federal workers raises new questions – The possible vaccine requirement for federal workers raises ethics questions, since the vaccines have not been fully authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.via ABC News: Top Stories https://ift.tt/3fbq4FP

Why the unvaccinated live in an alternate universe – With the rise of the Delta variant, many vaccinated Americans tell pollsters they are still concerned about catching Covid-19– so why is the population that’s most vulnerable to the virus less worried about it? In the latest episode of The Point, CNN’s Chris Cillizza examines the American “pandemic of the unvaccinated” as the country seeks to reach herd immunity in time.via CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero https://ift.tt/3l6FUFp

More than 71% of the US population lives in a county where people should be wearing masks indoors – via CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero https://ift.tt/3fbo0Od

Biden’s federal workforce vaccine mandate could inspire companies to follow suit – The Biden administration’s federal workforce vaccine mandate could inspire more companies to follow along, but also trigger an avalanche of lawsuits.via ABC News: Top Stories https://ift.tt/3fcW7oK

12 of the 20 biggest school districts now require masks in schools. The others can’t because of mask mandate bans – More major school districts will require masks in schools following updated guidance Tuesday from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.via CNN.com – RSS Channel – HP Hero https://ift.tt/3zruqQX

I’m a contact tracer who’s seen people lie about this virus. We need vaccine mandates – My contact tracing and vaccine outreach work has shown how mandates can protect us when family members won’t.via NBC News Top Stories https://ift.tt/3fandgs

Do I have to go back to work? Delta variant of COVID breeds concerns – With concerns swirling about the Delta variant of COVID-19, many Americans are waiting to see if their employers will make them go back to the office.via USATODAY – News Top Stories https://ift.tt/3iX0lCa

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