Craig Robinson’s new EP says Black History Month is too short

The comic/actor’s forthcoming EP “It’s Time to Get Black, Y’all” uses music to call for Black History Month to move to March

If you enjoy Craig Robinson on the Hulu series Your Attention Please, then you might enjoy his upcoming EP, It’s Time to Get Black, Y’all. Taken from his catchphrase as the host of anthology docuseries, Hulu announces that Robinson is releasing three songs that celebrate Black History Month, ironically enough, on March 4.

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While Black History Month will be over when the music is released, it’s clear after listening to the songs that this was the intention. On each of the three songs on the EP, the comedian/actor who famously incorporates his musicianship in his comedy, irreverently croons about how Black History Month should be moved to March because February is a shorter month.

In the first song, “Short Month, Still Stunt,” Robinson begins singing that Black History Month is great, but keeps stopping to ponder why it takes place in the shortest month of the year.

That rhetoric continues in the second song, “Don’t Ask to Touch Our Hair,” but over a danceable new-jack swing style track. In the final track, “28 Days Ain’t Enough,” Robinson slows things down, sexy R&B ballad style, with some spoken word lines about moving Black History Month to March.

It’s Time to Get Black, Y’all is a musical extension of Your Attention Please, now in its third season. Robinson has hosted the anthology series that highlights Black creatives each February since its 2020 premiere.

Craig Robinson returns as host of this Black History Month anthology documentary series (Credit: Hulu)

For this Black History Month, Your Attention Please singled out 12 individuals who have been working on their passion while trying to make the world a better place. This includes profiles on NASCAR pit crew member Brehanna Daniels, Black cowboy and professional bull rider Ezekiel Mitchell, children’s book illustrator Keturah Bobo, and Samantha Josaphat, one of the few licensed Black woman architects.

The anthology series is part of Hulu’s plan to expand its Black Stories hub.

It’s Time to Get Black, Y’all tracklist:

“BHM Jam (Short Month, Still Stunt)”“BHM JAM PT. 2 (Don’t Ask to Touch Our Hair)”“BHM JAM PT. 3 (28 Days Ain’t Enough)”

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