Edison’s Top Ten For 2021–PLUS Infinite Dial Live!

Today we’ve got two things we are very excited to announce! First, our final webinar of the year is coming on Monday–Edison’s Top Ten Findings for 2021. Last year’s version was one of our most popular webinars, and this year we will be back with a veritable cast of…er…ten of my colleagues, presenting some of the most interesting things we learned across all of our research this year, from election day exit polls across the U.S., to custom studies, and our ongoing audio, radio, and podcast research. You can join me and our Director of Research, Laura Ivey, as we host a fun and fast-paced hour that will surely deliver some fascinating factoids. This free webinar will be at 2PM Eastern this Monday, Dec 20th, and you can register here.

Second, we are thrilled to FINALLY be bringing you the next Infinite Dial report in a live, on stage event. For Infinite Dial 2022, I’ll be premiering the latest look at the audience for podcasts, streaming audio, social media and more on stage live at Podcast Movement Evolutions next March. Podcast Movement just announced this today, and while the exact details are still to come, you can read more about this event from them here.

Have a great December!


Tom Webster
SVP, Edison Research
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