#FoodBae: 7 Black men cooking their way into our hearts

Come for the food—but feel free to stay for the eye candy.

A woman’s place is in the kitchen? A quick scroll down Instagram and Tik Tok proves that’s not true. At any time of day, you can find Black men in the kitchen whipping up everything from jaw-dropping appetizers for the game to Michelin star-worthy meals for date night with the boo. As both the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day converge this upcoming weekend, there are a number of creative brothers giving us vibrant and easy-to-follow dishes that would make any house party or dinner-for-two the perfect event.

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Kevin @fitmencook

While it’s all delicious, his “One Smoothie Each Week” challenge is everything (that red velvet smoothie is a keeper). His commitment to total wellness is only enhanced by the food. Kevin also has cookbooks, apps and a new line of kitchenware in collaboration with Dash.

Marquis @lifewithmarq

Aside from the fact that his ranch dressing recipe made me fall in love with hot wings’ constant companion and his smooth voice on these reels should be my GPS default, Marquis makes even the most simple dish feel like a night out on the town.

CT @ctmealprep 

Based in Dallas, CT’s meals and reels don’t miss a beat with their Southern flair—and his seafood recipes are always the star of the show. In addition to private chef experiences, CT also offers meal prep options to keep you working towards those health goals.

Renzo @eatwitzo

“Let’s make something out of nothing” may be Renzo’s tagline but his reels prove that only quality and well-prepped ingredients go into his creations. His chipotle mango chicken wings are guaranteed to make your party a hit but grab his cookbook for even more goodies.

Law @lawcannon

One thing’s for sure: Law has you covered with elevated game day snacks for this weekend’s Super Bowl. Thanks to Law, you don’t have to just bring whatever random bag of potato chips left at the grocery store. Those garlic-parmesan chicken tenders will ensure you get an invite to next year’s festivities.

Daron @daronthechef

Aside from hilariously shading the life of anyone who ran out and got those Taco Bell hot wings, Daron’s timeline is as vibrant as his personality. And just as he doesn’t skimp on confidence, the self-proclaimed seafood and wing GOAT builds unique flavors for bold tastes. And what would a Daron creation be without a paired beverage?

Daven @onestopchop_

This self-taught chef and doting father combines family and flavor for a timeline that will make your heart melt. With reels featuring his son “Cam the Sous Chef,” Daven lets us all know we can make magic in the kitchen too. In addition to his easy-to-follow cookbooks, his air-fried salmon and rice eggrolls got him a fan for life in me.

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