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FORMATS FAIL FOR A REASON – Music formats win because of one thing, music popularity and proper rotation of hit music. See the display map above. Urban radio formats should always do well when the programming is connected. Do you have any facts of the market or a market study? If so, believe it and pay close attention. Most urban stations should be successful regardless of market size. If you’re not winning it is time to change or make an adjustment.

Music popularity is always the main key in any format. If your station is struggling it could be out of synch with the local taste of what the masses want. Stations can have issues for many different reasons. As the survey for years has said listeners come first for music. Personality ranks second. Get both of these elements right- ratings success happens.

When you see two bad Nielsen books in a row you probably have a problem. If you have had more than two bad ratings books you should consider it an emergency. One of the biggest problems created in urban is fast turnover of rotations. High rotations can kill an urban format. Fast turnovers of your power rotation will stress out the locals and they could leave and never come back.

For those who seek only cume you are fighting the wrong fight. Programming any format must have the right balance. When a music driven station is playing titles at the wrong frequency, low ratings happen every time. But, it can easily be fixed- change it.

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