Kanye West working with Marilyn Manson for ‘Donda 2’ album

The controversial rock star worked with West on ‘Donda,’ with vocals and writing credits on ‘Jail Part 2.’

Kanye West is hard at work putting the finishing touches on his next album, Donda 2. The preceding album, Donda, included several guest features, including rocker Marilyn Manson. Now, according to a West collaborator, Manson may be featured prominently on the new album.

Producer Digital Nas told Rolling Stone that West and Manson have been in the recording studio extensively as of late and that they have a “crazy dynamic” together. “I see Marilyn a lot in the studio,” Digital Nas said. “Like, every day I go to the studio, Marilyn is there working on Donda 2.

Digital Nas, who co-produced “Junya” and “Remote Control” for West’s Donda album, and is best known for his extensive work with rapper Lil Yachty, added that West doesn’t want Manson to alter his process just because it’s hip-hop music.

“He doesn’t want Marilyn to play rap beats,” Digital Nas said. “He wants Marilyn to play what he makes, and then Ye will take parts of that and sample parts of that and use parts of that, like he did [generally when making] Yeezus. … He has some producers from Yeezus working on Donda 2 this time around, [as well as] Marilyn, me, a bunch of producers from Donda 1.”

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Although West himself is one of the most polarizing figures in music today, his choice to enlist Manson for his album is shocking. Although Manson was a long-time media lightning rod for his controversial music from the late 1990s and early 2000s, lately he’s been in the news for serious allegations leveled against him.

Last year, actress Evan Rachel Wood was among the first of several women who came forward, accusing Manson of sexual assault, rape, physical and mental abuse. Manson has denied all allegations against him.

The collaboration is even more confounding given that Manson is an admitted atheist, while West’s last few releases have leaned heavily into his Christian faith.

West reached out to Manson for Donda last year. His vocals are heard on “Jail Part 2” and he’s one of the song’s writers. Manson also appeared alongside West during the third and final album listening session for Donda at Chicago Field last August.

The 22-time Grammy winner announced that Donda 2 will be released on Feb. 22, executive produced by Future.

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