Low Ratings: It’s Not A Nielsen Issue, You Have A Format Issue

As we have discussed, a “ratings problem” is the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. A ratings problem offers a new opportunity for a new direction and growth. It works like this, low ratings in any format is a sign that the local consumer who is participating in the ratings game doesn’t like the flavor of your station. Doesn’t matter if it is a PPM or Diary market. The good news, one winning station can change your revenue world. This is all fixable.

The game is simple, when you deliver and create the right music format from the local listener’s perspective ratings happen and the revenue will follow. Today, we all must work harder to improve and exceed the listener’s expectations. With the right change it can help ensure that you maintain a competitive advantage and continue to exceed the local music expectations.

At Lyles Media we understand that, on a personal and professional level, it feels good to partner with experienced radio folks and be a part of the solution for a format fix for success. Format adjustments are part of radio. Great radio stations that win become local leaders uplifting people who come back every day. We’ve learned through the years to be performance driven helping others win and succeed by achieving a winning result. With more music outlets today, you need to do much more to stand out; and every element must count and be connected to make the station stick in the listeners mind.

Work with us. We Push. We might make you nervous. BUT, we get results. Lyles Media is not your typical radio partner. We dissect where you are and plot a course for where you need to be based on your vision and company expectations. We partner, teach and coach for performance and development. We demand that, our process is highly collaborative until you are satisfied. Now is the time to start a conversation because performance matters. Let’s work together in 2022. It all starts with a confidential conversation and your market objective. Email Harry Lyles (hlyles@urbanradio.com)  or call us at (770) 594.7171. We’d love to hear from you.

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