Music Consumption 2021

Bridge Ratings shared their findings of music consumption by genre from 2021. In 2022, not much change is expected. It’s very clear if you look at what’s popular and what is not. So why are some stations in the Hip Hop and R&B formats not winning. There’s a real good possibility your flavor locally is wrong. There is no one in a radio conference room or on a zoom call smarter than a listener.

Review the genres carefully. If you do the top format that’s consumed the most, you must ask yourself why are your ratings down. It could be many factors. But, if you get it right you should have a strong Nielsen ratings station.

There are many successful music stations. Format success is not guess work. When the music is on target you can win. If you are struggling you might want to change or try a different approach. Programming a music station is about trying something until it works. Yes, it does take time. If it isn’t working change it. Music driven format failure can always be avoided.

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