Now Syndicated, MC Marcus Chapman

Congratulations, “The Best of the 90s with MC Marcus Chapman” is now being nationally and internationally syndicated. In addition to Chicago, we’re starting with affiliates in Montgomery, Alabama and Toronto, Canada, with more to come soon. To celebrate Black History Month each show in February will spotlight music from a particular year in the decade; starting this weekend with 1990.

Thanks to First Lady Khris Hutchinson, the FM Omni Channel, Harry Lyles, Lyles Media, CEO Mike Tyler of Fishnet Syndication, and all the DJs who have provided mp3s for my music library (Steve Nice, Djemanuel Pippin, DJ World, Hugo Hutchinson, DJ King Blaze, Drewsean Williams, Al Greer, and DJ Roc Smith). And everyone else who has listened and supported the show.

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