NuVoodoo Study | Radio is Primed to “Reboot the Commute”

NuVoodoo Media Services, a data-driven media research, marketing and content intelligence provider, announces that findings from its recently completed Ratings Prospects Study 18 suggest that radio has reason to be optimistic about increased radio listening in the months ahead, with expectations signaling an 11-point rise in out-of-home commuting. Add to these findings the release of the May PPM showing that PUMM hit a high for 2021, with increased average quarter-hour ratings, and the opportunity for radio stations to leverage these dynamics is clear. As states relax COVID restrictions and listeners head back to work and school, NuVoodoo will help stations “Reboot the Commute” by sharing study results in a series of webinars beginning in mid-July. Reserve your spot for free at nuvoodoo.com/webinars.

In its nationwide study of over 3,100 respondents 14-54 years-old conducted in early June, NuVoodoo asked to participants to give a snapshot of their current work situation and to forecast what they expect it to be by year’s end. Just under a 1/3 of total study participants report currently reporting to work somewhere other than a home office, but overall expectations signal an 11-point rise in out-of-home commuting. While many of those now working from home will remain there, these returning commuters come from those sidelined by the pandemic and others.


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