Podcast | Mike McVay & Audry Talk About Podcasters

Check out this week’s episode of Audry talks Audio at:  https://www.audry.io/blog/why-all-podcasters-should-have-some-knowledge-about-storytelling/.

 Audry co-founder Niklas Hildebrand talks to Mike McVay, President of McVay Media and most recently the Executive Vice President of Content and Programming for CUMULUS MEDIA and Westwood One. McVay is an expert in storytelling and how to engage listeners’ audiences. He’s also a consultant to Benztown and has recently spoken at Podcast Movement in Nashville about storytelling and how it’s done right.

In this episode of Audry talks Audio on the Audry.io blog, McVay and Hildebrand discuss why all podcasters should have some knowledge about storytelling – and gives podcasters a crash course in the art of storytelling, as only he can!

Here are three key takeaways from McVay’s crash course in storytelling, which every podcaster can start with tomorrow:

1. Storytelling is essential for every podcaster.
2. Know the destination of your story.
3. Lean how to visualize your story.

Attached is a photo graphic of Mike McVay for your use. Get Mike McVay’s crash course on the art of storytelling for podcasters NOW on the Audry blog at: https://www.audry.io/blog/why-all-podcasters-should-have-some-knowledge-about-storytelling/.

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