Radio | Time For Some “Good Trouble”

“Get in good trouble, necessary trouble, and help redeem the soul of America.” ― John Lewis

Black history should be celebrated every day. It’s not nor should it be a part-time job. In 2022 we are still debating the right to vote when people year ago have died for that right to vote.

It is now our turn who control black radio to speak up and join the John Lewis fight. Voting rights should be a right for all in America. Today we have a lot of fake political leaders with the wrong answers when it comes to voting. They don’t want people of color to vote. They are doing everything they can to stop people of color from voting.

Black radio needs a plan of action to get involved. This should be topic number one at all black own and operated radio stations. If you own a license to a black station it is your job to speak up and not suppress the voting rights talk. If you suppress why did you purchase a black station. Do you suppress the words and language on other formats you own?

Black radio is powerful and now time to sound off loudf and get behind the John Lewis voting right bill. Radio, if you talk about this and start some good trouble, you can make it happen. Collectively let’s do this!


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