Ratings Problems Are New Opportunities – Don’t Let Assumptions Get In The Way

Everyone wants to be a part of a winning radio station. There’s no feeling like it anywhere. That’s why we fell in love with the radio business. However, radio has changed. You need to deliver a format and overall programming that fits today’s competitive radio.

Radio requires high quality programming, 24-7 and yesterday’s playbook is over. If you are operating the same way you have in the past, you are headed for a deadly trap called “rear view mirror programming”.

Radio is war, more so today than ever.  In today’s game we must improve and exceed the listeners’ expectations by being the best radio station they can hear locally. This is a radio station driven to success that sticks out and scores in Nielsen. When that happens, revenue returns.

Low ratings and format mistakes can be costly.  Formats such as R&B, Hip Hop, Rhythmic and Rhythmic AC each, have four different flavors to choose from.  These formats are some of the hottest consuming formats in the country and failure doesn’t have to be the end result.  If you are making cookie-cutter decisions and thinking one size fits all, you are living in the past.

When all the station parts are connected together, great results happen. Making your local listeners’ come back day after day is possible. With all the access to music today on many platforms, you need to do much more to stand out every hour with programming consistency.

Lyles Media is not your typical programming partner.  We set your station format up to win and create a plan with intent. When we partner and move forward it’s with a focus on your future growth.

If performance matters to you, we’re always seeking incredible broadcast and digital media companies to work with. Reach out if that is you and let’s start a confidential conversation: (770) 594-7171.

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