Remembering Cie Cie Wilson McGhee

 The Making of Cie Cie McGee “Concert Diva” (By: Marsha Washington George)

Saint Leo University the studies began for one we knew so well. For there she learned ‘Business Management; and, even more as she would tell. But, that was just not enough for her as she tallied on her way. It was off to Clark Atlanta… Mass Comm. was there to stay.

And then she faced the Brave New World with a career in her goals. For off to UniverSoul Circus; with determination as her role. Seven years she gave the best shot of what it all detailed. For it was in her spirit that she would fly high and sail, and sail and sail.

Media Production & Promotions Manager she sought out to become. Concerts, Promotions Praise 102.5 and PR for Radio One. Six years was her duration of the challenges she would task. For it was in her spirit to grow more and more she’d ask.

It was the love of Riverdale and Stockbridge that would fulfill her future dream. Marketing and Events Specialist would become her loving theme. And many levels of Cultural Affairs she found that she could hold. From 2012 to present day, she performed this esteemed role.

Marketing, Logos, Websites and Social Media became her passion. For there she portrayed website logistics as only she could fashion. It was at Atlantic, Warner Bros. Records, WEA, Intersound and even World Championship Wrestling. That Cie Cie’s dedication and determination through it all was just one great ole’ “Blessing”.

And through it all, this smiling Angel who crossed our paths one day. Never boasted about what she had done; she just did it her way. Red Carpet Events for Angie Stone and oh so many more. Disney on Ice Children’s Parade, National Black Radio Hall of Fame and Gospel shows galore.

But, it was the Non-Profits she supported that held her heart’s desire. From Feed the Hungry to Sickle Cell and more across the wires. And now, as she rests from it all and bid us all farewell. “Sugga Munch”, we love your Mother for she was just so swell.

It all was “The Making of Cie Cie McGee” as only she could tell.

By: Marsha Washington George
National Black Radio Hall of Fame Atlanta Chapter President

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