Shaun King’s daughter speaks out on family moving out of home due to security concerns

“My family who has done nothing to deserve this now has to pack up our lives,” writes Kendi King in a blog post on father’s newsletter, The North Star.

The teenage daughter of activist Shaun King published a blog on her father’s popular newsletter, The North Star, about how she and her siblings have experienced the controversial outing of their family’s address. 

As previously reported, the controversial activist stated in a social media post that he is being forced to move out of the $842,000 property, per a report from Atlanta Black Star. King’s Instagram page has since gone private and his Twitter profile was taken down.

“Every morning as I prepare to write an article, I check the front pages of all the major newspapers to see what’s going on in the world,” Kendi King writes. 

Shaun King and daughter Kendi King. (Photo: The North Star)

“When it comes to American news, there’s a trend. Every day a white male politician has just passed a law making the lives of minorities harder. Some billionaire has taken on a selfish and wildly expensive project that is destroying the earth. Add a mass shooting, a hate crime, and a case of police brutality, and you’ve got the American news cycle.”

She writes that the criminal justice system seems to hold white men to no consequences, a point with which many others will agree. She posits specifically about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who is facing sexual harassment allegations. She then writes about the situation where her family has been “forced” to move from their home after being doxxed. 

“Last week, our family’s address, the address where my mother and siblings and puppies live was posted by multiple news outlets. Pictures of the front of our house, the yard where my siblings play, were everywhere,” she writes.

“My family who has done nothing to deserve this now has to pack up our lives and leave my mother’s house tirelessly to buy. This was her dream home. She put the wallpaper up herself. For the first time, my siblings got to have their own rooms.”

She added, “We all agreed this place felt like our home from the very beginning, and now it’s been taken. I see no justice in that.

“I am an activist, a fighter for justice, but I am finding it harder to fight. This is just a moment, and it will pass. I know. But it’s hard to see my family struggle so terribly, to watch my siblings cry because they have to leave their school and friends and home, while (Governor Andrew) Cuomo and men much worse than him get to ride off into the sunset so comfortably.” 

Kendi King is a student at NYU and is studying film and screenwriting. 

Comments were turned off on the post but not before several supportive commenters saluted the young woman and her father. 

An image of Shaun King’s home was first published by The New York Post, who in late July reported that the 3,000-square-foot abode is located in North Brunswick, New Jersey. The house includes five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a gourmet kitchen with a backyard situated on a lakefront. It was purchased in November in the name of Rai-Tonicia King, Shaun King’s wife, according to the outlet.

The family had previously lived in an apartment in Brooklyn before moving to the New Brunswick home which has been described as “lavish” by numerous media outlets. 

Citing safety the family will be relocating. 

“Today, I’ve had to make a heartbreaking decision,” Shaun King said last week. “After a combination of Fox News, the NY Post, and other outlets posted pictures of my home across the Internet, we’ve now seen our address posted all over the internet. Strangers have already started coming by the house. My kids can’t even go outside and play during the final month of summer break. So, we’re moving.”

Friends of the activist are asking for assistance with his moving costs. 

This story features reporting from theGrio’s Matthew Allen. 

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