Super Listeners Study To Be Presented December 15

The third annual Super Listeners study will debut on Wednesday, December 15, at 2 PM ET in a webinar from Edison Research, iHeartMedia and Ad Results Media.

“Super Listeners” listen to five or more hours of podcasts weekly and are the people most likely to hear podcasting ads, and to have an opinion about them.

Conal Byrne, CEO at iHeartMedia, Marshall Williams, Partner and CEO at Ad Results Media, and Tom Webster, SVP at Edison Research will walk attendees through an exclusive look at those who spend the most time listening to podcasts, their attitudes towards podcast advertising, and how they view podcasting in the greater media landscape.

This year’s in-depth analysis of podcast super listeners further explores the perceptions of podcast advertising with specific insights on the following:

How super listeners feel about the number of ads in podcasts and the length of ad breaks
• Attitudes about host-read ads v. pre-recorded ads v. sponsorships
• How podcast advertising affects intent to purchase and other brand fit measures
• Ad-skipping behavior

…and many more insights from this annual study of podcasting’s best customers.

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