The Mapping Of Music Consumption

Music genres are not created equal. Play the right most popular consumer driven genres and you probably have a great radio station that scores in Nielsen. This isn’t a guessing game with all the competition.

The Bridge Ratings display at the top says a lot about what listeners like and like a lot. Music consumption of any format can determine if you are successful or not. Review the music consumption display above and review your own ratings.

If there isn’t a match you might have the wrong hour by hour recipe. Meaning a music change or adjustment is needed.

Remember research tells us that listeners don’t talk about music like we do inside stations. Their so called current in their mind could be ten or fifteen years old. They see the universe of music totally different. They don’t see currents, recurrents or gold the way most radio programmers do.

The winning programmers get this and basically have zero definitions when it comes to their music selection to generate a rating in Nielsen.

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