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The game of radio has changed and more changes are coming. Yesterday’s programming playbook is outdated. The world of media is changing rapidly, and your locals  are changing with it. Please don’t think you can stay with the status quo and survive. Again, the game has changed if you are keeping up with current day market data. Winning stations know it has changed. If you have low ratings, that’s a sign something needs to change.

Lyles Media is not your typical radio or media partner. We believe in change – we’ve been there and have seen all the radio wars. The media games regardless of it being radio or online is a learning process. Grasping what’s going on to solve a problem requires asking discovery questions. Asking questions where you must be open and honest if you seek a better result.

In today’s radio world you have to do much more to stand out; and every element on the station or online has to connect and engage the locals to win. Simply put, we’re here to help and partner with you to win the Nielsen game and generate ratings and revenue.

Our example of possible format ADJUSTMENTS when low ratings occur.

Why does it need to change?
What should be tried to increase ratings?
What needs to be fixed to increase ratings?
Most important question, what can you keep (if anything) that is working?

One winning station can change your 2022 revenue world. We wouldn’t be a good radio or streaming partner if we didn’t end with a call to action. In 2022 we’re looking for a few serious radio or streaming clients to work or partner with- reach out if that’s you. We’ve helped stations in all size markets and in many formats.

Great radio, ratings, winning and revenue is a choice. It all starts with a confidential conversation with Harry Lyles. Email us at hlyles@urbanradio.com or call us (770)594.771.

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