Tone-X Wrongful Termination In Charlotte

The Beasley Media Group is an organization that looks for its On-Air talent to be willing to “live their life on radio”, have great story telling skills, be engaging, and many other positive enlightening descriptive words, and at the same time, they are willing to terminate a GEM of a radio personality that goes by the name of Tone-X.  Tone-X, “your Uncle’s Favorite Uncle”, whom I will refer to as Tone; was requested, by the radio station, to come back to the city of Charlotte and take over the Afternoon Drive show from 3-7pm.

He left his position in Atlanta, and relocated to come back and show the city some much needed love, positivity, and most importantly, unity!  I remember the first time I heard the show on the way home, his voice was one that commanded attention, in a way that felt genuine and trustworthy.  He spoke of the reason why he came back to Charlotte, not for his own cause, but because the City requested him to come.  It has been a shock to the system: the listeners, the “grown gang”, the community leaders, and schools in which he visits.  It has left a void in the hearts and minds of the community that did have left many asking the question why?  “Budget Cuts”, “The Bottom Line” is what they claim, however the community is not buying what Beasley Media Group is selling.

More insite from change.org.

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