Wake Up, Voting Rights Are Under Attack

Voting Rights are under attack for no reason at all. This is a hot topic all of black radio should be updating and talking about, especially morning shows.

Locally, invite those who can address the topic that shouldn’t even be discussed in this day and time. In 2021 we are still talking voting rights is an embarrassment to those restricting the rules to vote in many states. It’s never too late, start talking about this more relevant topic now and inform your locals- it’s something they need to hear you talk about.

CBSNews.com reports President Lyndon Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act into law this weekend, 56 years ago. As the landmark legislation is again being debated, Johnson’s daughter is taking up the cause.

Luci Baines Johnson was 18 when her father signed the act. “I stood behind my father on August 6, 1965, when he signed the Voting Rights Act into the law,” she said. Now, at 74, she’s still standing behind her dad. More insite from CBSNew.com.

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