Would You Attend an In-Person AMT?

Insite Learning: Leigh Jacobs, NuVoodoo

With vaccinations surging at the start of the summer many of us started making plans for resuming pre-pandemic activities, but the Delta variant has thrown a massive variable in those plans. We’re back to waiting for guidance from the CDC, state and local authorities. The chief economist at Goldman Sachs admits the impact of the Delta variant on growth and inflation is proving to be somewhat larger than expected, but he expects the drop to be modest and brief.

All this means we have to plan for life getting back to a greater degree of normal in the not-so-distant future, while living with greater restrictions in the near term. The Insights Team at NuVoodoo has been asking about Covid concerns since the start of the pandemic back in March 2020. Late last month we added new questions to track adaptations brought about by Delta. You can find the latest data at nuvoodoo.com/covid-19-media.

The chart below shows results from the latest data based on over 1,500 interviews among adults 18-54 nationwide. Here we’re using “go to large indoor gatherings” as a proxy for the experience of attending an AMT – lots of people in an unknown, unfamiliar circumstance.

While 40% say they still plan to attend large indoor gatherings, fully a fifth say they’re considering canceling plans or will cancel plans and those remaining say they didn’t plan to attend this type of event. NuVoodoo VP of Research Insights, Jeri Fields, suggests some of this group cut these activities out of their plans preemptively. “Based on other surveys we’ve done,” she says, “we asked questions that led us to believe people just weren’t ready to join the world quite yet.”

While some programmers and managers still prefer auditorium music tests over online library tests, we see that many people would be uncomfortable going to an indoor gathering right now – even if they might have been excited about it back in June.

Knowing that AMT’s are going to be hard to complete in preparation for the ratings period starting next month and that budgets are stretched tight, we’re glad to have multiple options for online music tests (OMT’s). We added OMTlite to the suite of NuVoodoo research products earlier this year. The only thing “Lite” about NuVoodoo OMTlite is the cost: $9500. One hundred respondents, screened and compensated just like our full-sized OMT’s, with up to 400 song hooks (price includes hook production). Results are delivered in Analyst software and it’s all subject to our rigorous quality control and verification standards. More information comes back to you with an email to: tellmemore@NuVoodoo.com.

Need to test more titles? No problem. There’s our full-size 600-hook OMT that tops out at $18,500 for a 100-sample, and are usually less.

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