Your On-Air Talent Line Up Makes A Statement

Its NCAA tournament time and to me, the game of basketball is just like radio. Basketball is a game with talented players on the floor that play in unison. Radio is a team sport of talent that must play consistently to win. Good starting radio lineups will win and move on to the next level of play when they have a great coach.

When it comes to a winning radio station your starting on-air lineup makes a statement. Most local listeners get it and know if you are serious or not. Talent can enrich a station and help a station grow especially when they are relevant, fun, and entertaining every day. Collectively, our job is a commitment to help the on-air team grow.

Today, talent are more important than ever. Talent who connect with the listener make a huge difference because they are doing something meaningful. A radio station with a great on-air team becomes a family around the clock, uplifting the locals and making them feel good about something other than the music. Get the music and talent right, that’s when you stand out and win.

Great radio stations have on-air teams that give the station a purpose and separate the sound from the competitors to grow in the ratings game. If performance matters, radio excellence starts with the programming leadership who make the decisions to create radio excellence every day.

Programming leadership is teaching, coaching, and encouraging growth. Teaching is updating, coaching is making sure the overall attitude of the station is where it should be and encouraging is all part of development and protecting the overall growth of every daypart.

Now more than ever, the radio world needs stations with a welcoming and appealing sound to come together with compassion and with love for the locals. It is important to develop all talent dayparts and create that local competitive edge to win that will generate revenue. Strive to exceed the local listeners’ expectation.

Finally, the truth about radio success is that the best ones to identify and solve problems are the ones closest to the work. It all begins in house with YOU, and you can do this!

We wouldn’t be a good radio partner if we didn’t end with a call to action. We’re always seeking incredible stations of various formats to work with- reach out if that’s you. We will work with you. Let’s start a get conversation. You can email us at hlyles@urbanradio.com or call us at (770) 594.7171. We’d love to hear from

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